Proprietary Hemp Extract (Gold) 24-27% 10g 2400-2700mg


Proprietary Hemp Extract (Gold)

  • 24-27%
  • 10grams
  • 2400-2700 mg
  • Unflavored
  • Decarboxylated, then filtered.
  • Contains only CBD, no CBDa


Proprietary Hemp Extract (Gold) 24-27% 10grams 2400-2700 mgUnflavored

  • Green [Raw] Version (Raw Hemp Oil only, not decarboxylated- contains CBD and CBDa)
  • Blue Version (Decarboxylated, contain CBD and some CBDa)
  • Gold Version (Decarboxylated, then filtered. Contains only CBD, no CBDa)

In order to get the Green (Raw) version of hemp oil, the oil is extracted from the hemp plant with no other process involved. This process gives you Raw Hemp Oil only, non decaboxylated which contains CBD and CBDa.

In order to get the blue version, a process known as decarboxylation wherein you heat the oil in a lab and extract CO2.  This process activates all the acid version of the cannabinoids which turns CBDa into CBD; which produces the Blue Version of Hemp Extract.

By filtering the oil and removing most of the extra plant parts, the oil turns the thick, dark paste into an orange tinted gel.  It wil have a much higher concentration of CBD by volume once this is done, but may contain fewer phytonutrients than the other two versions. This produces what is called the Gold Version of Hemp Extract.

How to Use

The most popular way to take concentrated hemp oil is to use the plastic syringe which has no needles and is included with the product.  You simply place the sublingually [under the tongue] then hold for 1-2 minutes before swallowing.


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